artisan quality products

Our raw honey is as natural as can bee. Made locally in the Bay of Plenty from native New Zealand flora, the unpasteurised honey is hand-poured into sustainable glass jars to help preserve its distinctive sweet flavour. We also sell environmentally-friendly beeswax products, including food wraps and candles.

Happy Little Bees

Our busy bees are happy and healthy. It’s not just the queen bees that are treated like royalty; our strict processes are in the best interests of all our bees.

100% pure NZ honey

All our honey is made in New Zealand. Most of our honey is collected from Bay of Plenty farms and forests, and our Manuka honey is harvested in Awakino, near Waikato.

The Finest Honey

We think honey is liquid gold. The superfood is packed with nutrients, antioxidants and enzymes, especially when it is raw and unpasteurised like our honey.